Get Help with Submmissions

Submissions to enter The Morgeez Talent Search Competitions are absolutley free. However, some entrants, neither have the knowledge of online submissions, nor they do not have enough time on their hand to submit. So we have developed this minimum premium submission plans and  packages to assist you get through. Once you have purchased your plans as below, we will then request your videos to be sent to us via alternative means so that we can now load it onto the right categories.

Plus you will get premium advise on what type, quality, and even how to perform and record a prospective video with great potential of winning the number one spot. Above all, you can request priority support all the way including live chat, unlimited Whatsapp support and more.

Choose a Pricing Plan

Plan Submissions Price
Free One Artist Video Submission for Opportunities. This is totally free once you are able to submit it by yourself. USD0.00 Start Free Submission Now!
Silver Up to 4 Videos Submission Different Performances by One Single Talent Can be changed within a week Once off USD12.99
Gold 5-8 Videos Different Performances. Up to 2 Artists or Groups Can be changed within 3 weeks Once off USD16.99
Platinum Unlimited and Multiple Videos Different Performances Submissions and Up to 10 Different Artists or Groups Can be changed within 4 weeks Once off USD19.99