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Rap Battle Criteria | Morgeez Talent Search

THE ULTIMATE RAP BATTLE is a competitive event  that provides emcees/rapper with opportunities to showcase their artistry and skills in spitting rhymes, for media exposure, performance skills development, confidence building opportunities and bragging rights. And most of all an opportunity to secure a management/publishing contract.


  1. The rappers who entered the battle, will perform their original song not longer than 5mins duration
  2. Rappers should come with an instrumental version of their track on a usb device or on any audio playing device with a usb plug.
  3. Rappers without any recorded track shall perform without any backing track
  4. Freestyle Segment – where Rappers goes head to head in 30secs battle shall also apply to measure creativity, confidence and level of sponteneous performances.


1.The rappers must abide by the rules of - The Rap Battle.
2. This is an open competition.
3. No age limit required but contestants younger than 17 (seventeen) requires to submit a parents or guardians consents.
4. No Entry/Registration free.
5. . The contestants are required to complete the registration form and by completion of the form, artists automatically agrees to abide by all competition rules.


  1. This is the Alexandra Edition of the Ultimate Rap Battle. And all contestants in this location will be classified under the Alexandra edition.
  2. The Ultimate Rap BATTLE will be heald in several locations or townships across Gauteng to determine who is really the best Emcee/Rapper in the Province.
  3. Contestants in this Edition shall be shortlisted as per final evaluation of performance videos.
  4. Contestants shall be notified of final judging/performance verdicts between 14 - 21 working days after the competition via authorized and valid emails supplied by contestants.
  5. Shorlisted or selected conestants may be called-back to battle it all out again at a fixed date to determine overall winner of the Edition.
  6. Up to 10 additional runner ups might also be chosen but without a price to join the Morgeez Records Family. These will form part of our hip hop groups as backing rapper, hype rappers that will be backing our overall winner during performances and recordings. Great exposure and development opportunity.


1. The judging process will include evaluation of video clips of performances by contestants. And these video clips can only be evaluated after the day of the competition.
2. The Judges or moderators will and can only inform the final verdicts of the contestants performances at a later date via emails. Atleast 14 d working days but not later than 21 days after competition day.
3. In the case of lack of clear cut winners, a call-back to selected conetstants shall be issued within 7 days after the competition. These contestants will then be given a chance to re-battle at a later date.
4. Decision by the judges is final. There is no appeal process. PROTEST - are prohibited and will not be accepted regarding any score or result of a decision.